Sweet Deseret Farm – CAE Logs 2014-2015

April 2nd, 2015

[gallery] We have never had a CAE positive animal on our farm, or purchased from anyone who has.     CAE LOG - BioTracking LLC - 12-18-14 CAE LOG - BioTracking Inc - 3-26-2015

Directions to Sweet Deseret Farm

March 12th, 2015

Because we are located on a private road, GPS, Google Maps etc do not work. The farm is easy to find. We are located just off of I-15 exit 351. Set your phone or GPS to navigate to: 4250 US-89 Pleasant View, UT 84414 1 - Turn between the Brown "Pleasant View" sign and the "Stone Supply" sign Read More...

Linear Appraisal – June 27, 2012

July 20th, 2012

What a busy and fun day we had at the new farm. Special thanks to the Satterthwaite and McGuire family for participating in the appraisal session with us and for all of their help. We are pleased to announce the Linear Appraisal scores for our LaManchas. Mimosa Mist           LA 89      (7 year old Permanent score LA 91) Madame X               LA 90      (5 year old) AV Blue Yield          LA 88      (4 year old) LOT Yakity-Yak      LA 90      (4 year old) LOT Zheng              LA 89      (2nd freshening 3 year old) LSZ Alexandria      LA 90      (2 year old) MG April                 LA 89      (2 year old) MG Asia                  LA 87      (2 year old) RY Angelwing        LA 87      (first freshening 2 year old) LSZ Blue Bell         LA 87      (first freshener) LSZ Blaize              LA 88      (first freshener) RA Bliss                  LA 87      (first freshener) LSZ Bedazzled      LA 87       (first freshener) TA Brash                LA 89      (first freshener) RA Bonny              LA 88       (first freshener) RA Beguile             LA 86      (first freshener) TA Bronwyn          LA 87      (first freshener one week fresh) We also appraised two of our bucks LOT Zoombak       LA 90      (3 year old) LSZ Beowulf          LA 87       (1 year old) We only had time to appraise 10 of the kids but were very pleased with the results Read More...