Sweet Deseret Farm – CAE Logs 2014-2015

April 2nd, 2015

[gallery] We have never had a CAE positive animal on our farm, or purchased from anyone who has.     CAE LOG - BioTracking LLC - 12-18-14 CAE LOG - BioTracking Inc - 3-26-2015

Sweet Deseret LaManchas – Dairy Goat Info

December 19th, 2011

Sweet Deseret LaManchas - Dairy Goat Info   I have inserted a .pdf document that contains three years worth of researching random, yet very pragmatic information about dairy goat management.  It is an invaluable resource  document I keep on my computer and am constantly updating. Though I can not guarantee any of the information, I have found it to be very beneficial in my management practices.

Sweet Deseret Goat Keeping from Birth to Milking

December 13th, 2011

      Goat Keeping from Birth to milking, in standard dairy goats… Goat Temp should be 102, always take a herd mates temp to determine if your goats temp is subnormal or high. Shots: Bo-Se (selenium, vitamin E injectable) 1cc. per 40 lbs.  Vet Rx CD&T (Vaccination for entero and tetanus) (2cc subq or IM, repeat in 21 days) Lysigin (Vaccination for staph mastitis, will also help with staph dermatitis on the udder) (5cc sub-q, Give initial shots before breeding the doe repeat in 21 days Read More...