Sweet Deseret Farm – CAE Logs 2014-2015

April 2nd, 2015

[gallery] We have never had a CAE positive animal on our farm, or purchased from anyone who has.     CAE LOG - BioTracking LLC - 12-18-14 CAE LOG - BioTracking Inc - 3-26-2015

Directions to Sweet Deseret Farm

March 12th, 2015

Because we are located on a private road, GPS, Google Maps etc do not work. The farm is easy to find. We are located just off of I-15 exit 351. Set your phone or GPS to navigate to: 4250 US-89 Pleasant View, UT 84414 1 - Turn between the Brown "Pleasant View" sign and the "Stone Supply" sign Read More...

Fall 2011 Breeding List

November 24th, 2011

2010 Breeding Sheet Doe                                                Buck                                  Breed Date           Due Date Meyers MSP Mimosa Mist           Sweet Deserets LSZ Beowulf           Sept 30               Feb 27 Lucky*Stars AV Blue Yield           Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak             Sept 23               Feb 20 Lucky*Star’s LOT Zheng               Hurricane-PM TJ Zablom               Oct 1                    Feb 28 Sweet Deseret’s Alexandria          Hurican-PM TJ Zablom                   Oct 21             March 26 Meyers MG Asia                           Sweet Deserets LSZ Beowulf          Sept 30                Feb 27 Meyers MG April                         J&R KV Bullet                              Dec 3                    May 1 Lucky*Stars Yes Dear                    Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak             Nov 16               April 14 Lucky*Stars Zinnia                         Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak Sweet Deseret’s LSZ Blues Belle  Hurricane-PM TJ Zablom               Sept 28              Feb 25 Sweet Deseret’sLSZ Beryllia         Rocky Rill HZ Acton                         Oct 21            March 19 Sweet Deseret’s RA Bliss                Sweet Deseret’s LSZ Bolt                Sept 30           Feb 27 Sweet Deseret’s HZ Blue Moon     Sweet Deseret’s LSZ Bolt               Oct 27          March 25 Sweet Deseret’s LSZ Blaize             Sweet Deseret’s LSZ Bolt               Sept 30           Feb 27 Sweet Deseret’s LSZ Bedazzled     J&R LaManchas KV Bullet            Sept 29            Feb 26 Sweet Deseret’s LSZ Beauty           J&R LaManchas KV Bullet           Dec 3             May 1   We are excited about this year’s crop of Kids Read More...