Linear Appraisal 2012

September 4th, 2012

What a busy and fun day we had at the new farm.

Special thanks to the Satterthwaite and McGuire family for participating in the appraisal session with us and for all of their help.

We are pleased to announce the Linear Appraisal scores for our LaManchas.

Mimosa Mist LA 89 (7 year old Permanent score LA 91)
Madame X LA 90 (5 year old)

AV Blue Yield LA 88 (4 year old)
LOT Yakity-Yak LA 90 (4 year old)
LOT Zheng LA 89 (2nd freshening 2 year old)
LSZ Alexandria LA 90 (2 year old)
MG April LA 89 (2 year old)
MG Asia LA 87 (2 year old)
RY Angelwing LA 87 (first freshening 2 year old)
LSZ Blue Bell LA 87 (first freshener)
LSZ Blaize LA 88 (first freshener)
RA Bliss LA 87 (first freshener)
LSZ Bedazzled LA 87 (first freshener)
TA Brash LA 89 (first freshener)
RA Bonny LA 88 (first freshener)
RA Beguile LA 86 (first freshener)
TA Bronwyn LA 87 (first freshener one week fresh)

We also appraised two of our bucks

LOT Zoombak LA 90 (3 year old)
LSZ Beowulf LA 87 (1 year old)

We only had time to appraise 10 of the kids but were very pleased with the results.

SBW Capricorn Extremely Correct overall
HZ Calypso Extremely Correct overall
LB Charlize Extremely Correct overall
SDB Cleopatra Extremely Correct overall

RA Cha Cha Very Good Overall
JB Charmed Very Good Overall
HZ China Very Good Overall
HZ Cho Chang Very Good Overall
RA Cricket Very Good Overall
BW Careen Very Good Overall

Some of the highlights for us included.

Madame X appraising 90.

This was not a surprise as she has appraised 90 twice before, however as a 5 year old now this is a final score for her. We were anxous about the recent move and hopeful that she would put her best hoof forward, which she did. Next year after quad doelings (smile) and a little more milk she will appraise 91.

Zoombak appraising 90.

I was a little discouraged with this fellow when he appraised 84 as a yearling buck, I remember Judi Hoy consoling me over the phone. Consolations are needed no longer. This buck is fantastic. Zoombak is so consistent in the daughters he throws (see his 2 year old LA 90 daughter Alexandria and his one year old 87 and 88 appraising daughters) His daughters are a little slow maturing, but well worth the wait. We like that slow healthy maturation, and the resultant long life that comes with it.

Alexandria appraising 90

I have always loved this doe, to me she was so correct. However, I was so perplexed after State Fair last year. Alexandria consistently placed in the middle of her class, when all of our other animals were first or second. What redemption, when Sam announced she appraised 90. Alexandria is a special doe, with special connections for Joshua, Alexandria and myself. She is the first LaMancha with the Sweet Deseret name to appraise 90, we are so happy with this doe!

Brash appraising 89

I missed the appraisal of this doe, but when I returned Sam (the appraiser) said I picked your “Best of Show” doe. He then asked why Judi Hoy would sell a goat of this quality, I quickly answered “because she loves me!”. Sam chuckled and said I would give her a 90+ if I could but 89 is as high as a one year old can get. For obvious reasons we are very happy with this doe. We think she will be pretty tough to beat in the show ring, she is milking over 11 pounds per day and she appraises so well.

Blaize appraising 88

Blaize is frankly pretty immature, so I was so pleased when she appraised 88. Blaize has become I think my favorite doe, like her mom (Valkerie) she is a princess. I made a mistake when I sold her dam and two older sisters last year. I feel so fortunate to have Blaize healthy and in our herd. Now if she will just give me a doe kid!

Biggest disappointments:

Mimosa Mist

I should have taken the owners option on Sugar (barn name) Frankly the last 6 months have been tough. She carried quads as we moved her 4 times, she has had some difficulty adjusting, she is milking a ton and only slowly getting back into condition after kidding and her feet are tired. She was carrying 17+ hours of milk (over 12 pounds) my lack of experience cost her some points and frankly I feel a little bad. My consolation is that she has a final appraisal score of LA 91 and I have three does from her in my herd.

April and Asia

I should not complain about a two year old appraising LA 89 (April) However both of these does were affected by overuddering. Like Mimosa Mist they were milked the night before at 4:30 and showed the following morning after 9:30. They were leaking all over and did not walk or stand normally. Note to self milk later the night before (even if you have Scouts) or let off a little milk early in the morning. I think Asia was affected more than April but both could have appraised better.


I really hoped she would go 90. As a result of slipping her pregnancy in 10-11 she put on too much wieght and it came off too slowly this year (even after having triplet doelings and milking a lot!) This is a goat who should appraise 91-92 if we can keep her healthy and lean her down a little. There is always next year!


What a great learning experience for us. Sam Whiteside provided such great explanations, was so willing to answer questions and was fantastic with the children. It was tough to show in 100 degree temps but the heat was not very noticeable when the goats looked as good as they did.

We still have much to learn but thanks to our great start from the Hoys and their Lucky*Stars we are progressing quickly!

I can’t wait for next year!

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